So anyhow, my trip to Atlanta that was going to happen this week is delayed until the 26th. I'll be staying and working by the airport...what are some fun night-spots for out of towners at night? Walking distance from that area is great, but as long as taxis aren't out of control in Atlanta, that is an option too. If anyone would send me a /msg with suggestions, I'll be very appreciative!!!!

Meanwhile I'm not upset at all that my trip is postponed... first of all, I'll be more prepared, and secondly, because I will be finished with my taxes by then. Don't get me wrong, I have to pay ("big time"), but at least it will be over.

The new guy at work is interesting, and seems to know his way around a computer....AND is helpful. Good catch. My boss is still the same...but at least he is leaving me alone mostly....I just have to make sure I keep him informed.

Ugh. I really need to do laundry...