Actually, rather than merely "attaching itself to new technologies", it seems that pornography might be just as big a boost to the development of new technologies as is war.

For example: Sony was selling Betamax to movie and television studios and then tried to market video players to the home audience. This allowed small independent smut film makers to market a product that allowed people to watch smut over and over and over without having to be seen in the vicinity of their local XXX cinema. The market created by Sony swelled, many other companies entered, an inferior but more cost-effective format, VHS, was born. So now you and I can watch Tampopo or The Matrix any time we want.

In the same way, VR pornography and the search for it fuels much of the work done in VR. As well as streaming video and so on. The development of crystal clear moving images, variable perspectives, and increasing interactivity will unfortunately have much less to do with medical students enacting a technique and chemists fiddling with mock-ups of molecules than getting the beading just right in the moisture of someone's nether regions.

Oh well.