"Are you listening, Neo?"

Minor character in 1999 movie The Matrix. Golden-haired, blue-eyed, cherry-lipped, with a sexy smile and a red dress that hugs her appropriately voluptuous curves. She has no lines in the movie. She was played by Fiona Johnson.

She is not real: she is a construct, existing only within the digitised fictional reality of the Matrix. She was designed by Mouse, the youngest crew-member of the Nebuchadnezzar hovercraft. She is used as a rather aesthetically pleasing visual aid in the Agent training program, to demonstrate to Neo that everyone in the Matrix who is yet to be unplugged is potentially an Agent - even her.

She can also be found on a couple of posters that Mouse has printed up, as well as within more "intimate" programs that Mouse has written. You can probably take a pretty good stab at the content of these.

I can understand why Neo wasn't listening. She's good-looking, in a by-the-numbers Hollywood kind of way, though not truly beautiful. Given context, perhaps that was what directors the Wachowski brothers were aiming for.

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