Term supposedly coined by Ted Nelson in the 70's or 80's.

The current state of cybersex is pretty much phonesex with typing, and more room for anonymous hookups. Internet telephony, and person-to-person video using digital cameras, have begun to extend the frontiers of teledildonics, but it still hasn't lived up to the tactile promise of such sexual visionaries as Anton LaVey. Extension to the tactile dimension is the next challenge, a problem in robotics, ergonomics, and material science.

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teledildonics /tel`*-dil-do'-niks/ n.

Sex in a computer simulated virtual reality, esp. computer-mediated sexual interaction between the VR presences of two humans. This practice is not yet possible except in the rather limited form of erotic conversation on MUDs and the like. The term, however, is widely recognized in the VR community as a ha ha only serious projection of things to come. "When we can sustain a multi-sensory surround good enough for teledildonics, then we'll know we're getting somewhere." See also hot chat.

--Jargon File, autonoded by rescdsk.

Science!! Teledildonics is the fast-paced scientific discipline of creating newer and better sex toy experiences. No, really, it's a thing. The essential idea of this field (which may be called dildonics for short) is the marriage of ever-more lifelike sex toys with the Internet's capacity to carry information. On either end of the exchange is a person -- for simplicity's sake, let us suppose one man and one woman. Each sits in front of their respective computer terminal, thousands of miles apart, and each holds a sexual device connected to that terminal. For the man, it is something appearing like an oversized flashlight with, instead of a light-emitting end, has a latex opening styled in the shape of a vagina. The woman's device is simply penis-shaped and -sized.

As each begins to use their respective device to sexually self-stimulate, sensors within the device detect aspects such as pressure, temperature, moisture level, and such. And these aspects are transmitted, via the Internet, to each masturbator's distant partner, so that as the man thrusts, the woman feels that thrust in her device, and as the woman becomes more lubricated, this enhancement of lubricating wetness is made to occur in his device. Even the man's ultimate ejaculation can be simulated with an emission of comparable volume from the woman's device.

Naturally, sensations of touch alone need not be exchanged in isolation, for each participant might have a webcam operating as well, with the man able to hear the woman moan in ecstasy and see the woman twist her body even as he feels the friction of that movement, and the woman able so see the man's primal thrust and hear its concordant grunt even as she feels the result between her legs. But this is optional -- for certainly either partner could choose to restrict their experience to the touch-related sensations alone. And, broadening the scale of activity to its logical maximum, there is no reason why the signal can't be transmitted from one end to two or twenty or two million on the other. A porn star could provide to his or her legions of fans the experience of having sex with them, all at once (obviously in such a configuration, the star of the show would not feel the individual actions of all other participants; there might be just one signal on the other end, or none at all, or an aggregate of them). Miss the show? Don't even worry, it can be recorded live and replayed again and again, as much as you desire.

Whether this innovation arrives in months or years, it is an inevitable culmination of a dozen different lines of technological development (such as this remote-control for a sexual stimulation device which decoy hunches pointed me to. There is but one thing we can be certain about: it's coming, my friends, it's coming.

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