October 8, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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A note about the editor logs:

So what are the editor logs about?

The editor logs were first begun by knifegirl. Over the months, most of the editors and E2 gods have now come to post a log listing nodes or writeups they have killed or deleted.

They are not under any kind of obligation to do so, just as they are not obliged to spend any time at all deleting, fixing titles and broken nodes, msging users about typographical and aspelling errors, meeting and encouraging new users, placing exemplerary nodes on the Page of Cool or anything else. In fact, they could just loll about in Chaterbox typing obscenities IN CAPITAL LETTERS and jeering at newbies. But this isn't what we do. Well, some of us occasionally. Nonethless, most of us do a great deal of work here and most of us post a log.


So that users can find out what happened to a node or writeup that has vanished. Perhaps it is your own node. Perhaps one you like to softlink to or just check out from time to time.

The Page of Cool by its very nature lists nodes cooled by editors and gods and who did so.

Title changes, fixes to Websters' and various broken nodes are so frequent that listing them would make it hard to have enough time to do them.

Consequently, these logs can read like a war memorial with long lists of titles and names of those now lost to the land of the living. And because all of this stuff is tedious and mind-numbing work, we recount our deeds in ways that we find entertaining. For example, although nodegel is a bizarre metaphor for how E2 actually works I find it amusing and ramble on about freegel and hideously misshapen editor and god entities swimming through the gel. Others have metaphors of a somewhat more rational nature.

But the point of these logs is that we take responsibility for our actions. If you see that one of your writeups that you particularly valued was killed by an editor, you can find out who it was and msg them about it. You can then discuss it. If the editor feels he or she made a mistake they can ask a god to bless you for lost XP.

Our primary purpose is to follow the lines that nate and dem bones draw as the owners of E2 and try to help keep E2 a place that actually works. This includes trying to help all of the users who come to play where we work.

Hopefully, the logs make entertaining reading as well.

We serve the gel. The gel is good.

And oh, dem bones of course.

The Crypt renders into freegel:

  • SCSI by fled user SCSIbug. "That's my name don't wear it out."
  • The following fled user accounts are now open to new users through the suggestion of fugitive247:
    • iris
    • slave
    • mars
    • esoteric
    • Armadillo
    • slide
    • smoke
    • skinny
    • liver
    • insidious
    • secret
    • Unicorn
    • weird
  • we shouldn't question the originality of writeups by pealco, by request.
  • Ralph Lauren by fled user mhwang. Nov. 13, 1999.
  • parmesian cheese by apirkle and HCI. And further pointless misspellings by fled users.
  • The Walt Disney Company by Stride, by request.
  • hodgepodge, you are so cool. i wish i had the guts to be you by dg, by request.