October 3, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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O dem bones as the server time rolls over, the rotation is complete and once again Everything 2 is right side up. For a few moments. Then, as the seconds flash by everything begins to slant every so slightly. By noon, server time, we will all once more be so upside down and will have to tread nodegel at a furious pace so as not to sink. This is not so bad for godusergroup entities but the editorgroup entities still have vestigial heads and so their sense of equilibrium is affected much more strongly. Poor things. The noders of course are each sitting in the virtual representations of their former homes and offices crafted for them by mr. dbrown and believe themselves to be sitting at desks and so notice nothing of this. Which is for the best really. After all, what can be done? Everything 2 must be rotated daily so that the nodegel does not coagulate and freegel is more evenly distributed.

Speaking of gods and editors, I think that I saw poor, dear ailie's head bobbing slowly by the Everything Quote Server. I also believe that I saw editorial cilia forming on Templeton. Congratulations would be in order if condolences were not more appropriate. Have you no mercy, dem bones? Still, perhaps this way we can get through what modnar wants nuked one day. Noders often do not realize that it takes about as much time to delete a bad node or do a title change as it does to make a new one.

I notice that these logs are often all that I have time to write most days now. Still, the nodes of the many outweigh the nodes of the few and so, as they say, "Man will even get used to the gallows". Thus we serve the primary purpose of nodegel.

Well, that's about all for now, o dem bones. Oh. dem bones? How are the cats?