Last night I was struck with inspiration. I was out delivering a Christmas Card to a friend. I was a little unsure of the correct address and when I got to his house the car in the driveway did not appear to be his. I decided that I'd leave the card in the mailbox there anyhow, and at least someone might read it and be wished a Merry Christmas, if not my friend.

That's when it hit me. Back at home there were some blank cards left over. We'd given a card filled with warm wishes and a personal message to all of our friends, and finally finished delivering them all.

So with the leftover cards, I thought it would be a great idea to make use of them, and deliver them to random addresses that night. In fact I was so inspired I went and purchased another pack of 15 cards to augment the four that remained.

So in each of the cards, my girlfriend and I wrote the following message:

You have been specially selected for
a "Random Christmas Card" delivery.
We hope that the year gone by has been
a joyous and fulfilling one & that Christmas
Day is filled with the love and laughter of
those closest to you.

May 2002 bring some of your dreams and goals
a little closer to realisation. This New Year's Eve
take a moment to look back over 2001 and remember some
of your successes, realise what a great year
it has been after all, and how great the future can be.

Merry Christmas!

P.S. Have some spare cards left this year?
Why not spread the Christmas Cheer a little further
& do your own "Random Christmas Card"? If not perhaps a
simple smile or a "Merry Christmas" to a stranger will
do just as well. Remember, we shouldn't need a reason to be nice to one another!

We then drove around for an hour or so, wearing those silly foam reindeer antlers and picking houses at random and dropping the cards in the mailbox. I had more fun doing that than I've had in a long, long while.