Last night I had a dream. A real dream. Like nearly all of the few other dreams I've had in my life, this played out a day in my life. Slightly skewed, of course (this is a dream, after all).

I was going to university, talking to people, going to be bank - normal, every-day stuff. When suddenly I realized I was dreaming. It was like a flag went on in my head and it said "this is a dream". Something like a control-panel appear before me, and I was able to take control of the dream. Make everyone stop, while moved around. But the most bizzare part was when I walked to a place which I wasn't totally familiar with. You see, the landscape was blurred. As if someone took a picture and zoomed until it was the size he wanted it to be. Totally freaked me out. I kept exploring, and after a while, a little clock appear next to my dream-self head, with the time. I realized I needed to get up, so I pressed the button to do so, and I did.

I'm fairly sure that this happens to lots of people. But it totally shook me. Dreams are supposed to be simple, aren't they? They aren't supposed to be like video games. Right?

I don't usually have dreams. I mean it. It's not that I have a dream and then I forget it in the morning. I simply go through either total blackness until I wake up, or I see something sifting through my memories/thoughts and making some sense from the mess. Maybe that's why I'm so badly affected. Dunno.