What a friggin' week. Where to begin? I opened two pieces of mail sunday night; one from AEP, and the other from Columbia gas... AEP said If I didn't give them $80 by monday they were gonna come out and disconnect me... Columbia Gas wanted $40 or they were gonna shut me down too. I went to work and as soon as I got there I started hearing more rumors of layoffs... Looks like there will be a third layoff as orders drop to 200 next week (we're staffed for 300 which is down from 560). I was a wreck so I decided to take a vacation day. I managed to fend off the utility gods for a while when I got home and felt a bit better.

Tuesday went rather well until the end of work when I attended a meeting about the soon-coming 5S program. Just some jackass telling us the profound affects painting everything white will have on our work, and some other bullshit about what their numbers tell them we should do. The guy tried to relate to our being tired because he was hired in August and worked third shift for two months... All I could think was "um.. yeah, how many of my buddies had to be laid off so you can so you can pull this shit, and now you're gonna tell me some of them had more seniority than you." As I was leaving the meeting I realized one one my contacts was missing, but I was too tired to go back for it... I drove home through the rain with one eye closed. When I got back I threw out my remaining contact and grabbed my glasses which were broken... one of the arms was missing. As I was trying to flex the remaining arm so the glasses would sit somewhat strait on my face, SNAP... I laughed. I discovered flexing ones face to balance glasses on one's nose causes tremendous headaches.

I slept for a while, noded for a bit, and I was about to go meet zot for some coffee before work when I realized my car had been towed. Damn... second month in a row I forgot about the street sweeping (second Tuesday of every month). I decided to call off work and do some drinking... It was great. I chatted in the catbox with a glass of Jameson whiskey and played "The Happiness Boys" in the background... very relaxing. I had organized for a friend to pick me up at eight a.m. to go get my car, and we did just that ($72). I drove back home for more sleep. When I awoke I was gonna go out for smokes and realized something was wrong... my car had been towed again.........I feel like a jackass. As it turns out, the other side of the same street does street sweeping the second Wednesday of every month. Zot drove me to the impound lot after he got off work ($72). They just crossed out the first serial number and date and rewrote it a little lower on my window so everyone knows I'm an idiot. A guy at the impound lot was having problems of his own so I decided to help out and take him to a check cashing place so he could get his car out as well. I felt a little better after the good deed.

on my way to work last night my right eye started burning... After rubbing it for a while, a contact fell out... it was hiding the whole time. I am gonna get soooo drunk this weekend.