Need more reason to dictate a trip to Columbus..? Make it there for my birthday party at Chuckie Cheese's... Or maybe I'll just crack open a bottle of Middleton very rare ($123.00 bottle of whiskey) for all to share. Not enough? come to celebrate the anniversary of the first English language newspaper in the People's Republic of China, China Daily, beginning publication. Hey, you wouldn't want to miss our Kentucky-becomes-the-fifteenth-state-to-be-admitted-in-the-Union party. Not a big Kentucky fan? Me neither, so come celebrate 77 years of Native American Citizenship. Poke Tandex with a stick, Watch Ccunning get so drunk he can't stand up, observe how zot-fot-piq does his own dishes, just make it out.

If'n you decide to join us, a jacket and/or umbrella would probably be a good idea... Nothin' but rain here lately, and it will likely continue.