You will not convince me that the G4 Cube sucks. All de-frag has given us are reasons why he needs a more powerful computer. So the Cube is not a beefy monster - so what? Go out and buy your "ballsy" system with an Athlon overclocked beyond the limits of reason, a government-classified graphics card, DVD-RAM and whatever else turns you on. Just don't come crying to me when you can't get it to fit in an 8 inch cube.

Computers are not one size fits all. There is room for beautiful creations like this Cube, as well as muscular horrorstories like de-frag's dream system. This thing will never fit the requirements of somebody who is hung up on expandability, overclocking etc. However, it fits my requirements almost to the letter. I can't think of any limitation that would affect me substantially that couldn't be corrected by adding more RAM (up to 1.5 Gig).

So please. Be cool.

Having said all this, it would be legitimate to point out Apple's failings at the top end of the the market. Any number of cube-like contraptions are justified as long as the Macintosh power user is served by an expandable, powerful system. Personally, I think the Powermac G4 fulfils this role admirably, but if you think otherwise, you are welcome to rant.

de-frag, you're a gent.