This is a list of all the 'Why ____ Sucks' nodes on Everything2. Call it a metanode if you will. For the most part, I can't say that I'm a fan of this genre of writeup: they're often poorly-thought out and can veer sharply towards GTKY. That being said, there are a few quality writeups below...and probably a few deserving of a hammer to the forebrain.

Enough stalling...on to the list.

Most of these nodes follow a predictable pattern:
And what would E2 be without a rebuttal?

Sometimes, the simple 'Why ____ Sucks' format is too constraining, so the clever noder adds something to the end of the title. (And yes, I know one of them is a song title. Leave me alone, I'm on a roll here.) Yet others play with the word order! And add punctuation!

Then there's others who are a bit more...structured than the rest of us. They break things down into neat little lists. Then they count their reasons and tack it onto the node title. Good for them.

And finally, a small minority of people just don't know.

If I've missed a node or three, /msg me to let me know. If you authored a node that appears above, and feel that I've unfairly categorized you, please accept my most heartfelt apology. But please do so only if the node in question have has a title containing the key words "why" and "suck/sucks/sucking/sucked". Thanks.


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