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Heh. Blame nocte for me updating this.

Haven't logged in in almost a year. Still not interested in spending much time here. Node count still gradually decreasing. Still don't have much time for sleeping.

Still skinny, but filling out a bit (indoor rock climbing seems to suit me well). Stunned to see 64kg last time I checked.

Got a wonderful girlfriend. Her birthday is on the same day I wrote Why am I the only guy without a girlfriend?. Weird. She spends more time on E2 than I do.

If you want to contact me, use email. Please. I log in approximately never. Send it to me anywhere at Whatever. Stick your message in the address, if you like.

Also check out my website (unsurprisingly, Webcam, photos, blah-de-blah. More coming when I get time.

Email me, damnit.