It's a strange occurrence - You hate it when you have it and miss it immediately after it's gone... or is that just me!?!

They're persistent little buggers and normally hard to get rid of once they start. You travel round the place making these stupid little high pitched shrieks that shake your whole world for the second that each hiccup lasts. Then you reflect on it in astonishment and wonder if it's going to happen again - Ofcourse it always does!

Well anyway enough background. Now you can read about the ultimate cure for hiccups which has so far had a 100% success rate with me.

It is quite simple and doesn't involve a jug of water, rubber gloves and hose-pipes etc.

What you do is wedge your index fingers in your ears, and then hold your breath for 1 minute.
Important - Try not to kill yourself in the process.

Place your left index finger in the left ear hole and right index finger in right ear hole.
I am going into detail because I had a bizarre image of people trying to ram both their index fingers in one ear, which needless to say defies the objective.

Also Note:
You may find that a hiccup or two may escape you during this remedial procedure, but worry not your pretty/sticky head. You will find that once the minute is over and you have released your ears, your hiccups will be no more... Gone but not instantly forgotten (again that may only be relevant to me).