an entry in OLA Scary Story Contest 2000

by Christy, age ten

This story is about me. I was looking for my shoes when this had happened. So I was looking for my shoes and guess where I was going to look first. In the closet, right? Right. So I looked in there and nothing was in there except a blanket covering something. When I say nothing I mean nothing you would find in a closet. I picked up the blanket. My reaction was just an 'o'. I bet you'll never guess what was under the blanket, okay you take too long, so I'm just going to tell you. A head. Yep just a head, no body. It wasn't just a head, it was a bloody head. I thought this was just a Halloween trick from my brother or sister. So I went downstairs to talk to my brother, since he's the meanst to me.

I asked him and he thought I was even more weird than I was before. I asked my sister and she said she was going to tell on me. Oh boy now it's time for the PARENTS. Of course you know that ther not going to believe me, so I thought I would show them instead of telling them. All my mom did was look at it and faint. My dad looked at it and picked it up and blood started gushing out of the head. My dad asked if it was any practical joke and I said nope it isn't any joke. When my dad had it in his hand I could have sworn I was going to throw up. Now there is blood and a fainted mother on the floor. This did not look right. Then the doorbell rang and I rushed downstairs to get it and it was the headless...

(to be continued)
p.s. if you want to find out what it is read part 2 coming out in Halloween 2001.
Here in the node crypt the e2 Horror researchers have been putting to work the latest in terror technology to bring you the pinnacle of fright, the thrilling conclusion of the infamous and incomplete tale NO BODY? We feel that our findings and results, after having been toned down, are finally ready to scare the pants off of members of the general public. Now, if you'll just hit the lights... Prepare... to be SHOCKED OUT OF YOUR WITS! Roll it!

Once upon time there we were happy. One day he got drunk and went to throw up. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!

No, you idiot, not the test reel... it's supposed to be in projector four! Boys and ghouls, please pardon these technical mishaps - everyone knows there's nothing more scary than having a public presentation go awry before a large audience. Heh heh. I might take this opportunity to direct your attention to the list of generous sponsors in our program. We'd especially like to thank the Cinemuerte festival for including... oh, what's that? it's working now? All right, ladies and gentlemen. That was just a test run. Now, get ready to really wet yourselves with our surreal and psychologically disturbing masterpiece!

The mystery of tears and a boy.

"Once opon a full moon tonight." Camryn said, "Yeah." My name was untied. My name was bitten by a potion. I was a boy. I was very scary! My dad was buried. He had a closet. Then the haunted house. I have a big ghost. She was Andie. She looked out of the haunted house. All of girls saw what happened, but was sad.

Before I hear someone killing people. Oh, brother! My dad said "Hey I was standing in the bushes. He said, "Yeah." He ran home from school and her mouth was nothing there. They found out and turns her mouth was dark black clothes. And then he fired ten shots at Andie. Andie turned into a mystery! Everyone was just a voice! So they ran home so scared I took the story of the kids. After that, Josh was Tim. Tim said "My name was an hour ago!"

We were bloody. And they were roung. And they made red dust around the door they went off to a ghost screamed. "We have made a ghost screamed!" Quickly he didn't answer. She ran towards them. Suddenly, they were scared she was happy even the ghosts come and creepy. Her friend's legs sticking out of blood. It wasn't hers. I heard that she was not ded because the killer was full of the meanst to sniff out of candy. She could kill me for the giant crocodiles. My name is why she could.

The killer had lived in the pie. After that, the woods. Their plan to talk to a wearwolf. "are you ready" "no" The kids run into a werewolf in his Paps house and I saw it was bitten by 500 ghosts. The werewolf come out of the house. And the werewolf in there was rilly brave. The werewolf buried the pie again and Tim said "thanks Chris." Quickly he had on the wearwolfs pants and sied "he is not solved yet"

A girl running into this story is about to cut the haunted house. In June 1991, a trampoline bouncing up on his name was gone. Sam said he gets a stuffed monkey. Holy crap a stuffed monkey. Joseph ran into a pretty good faith. Meanwhile, Miss Adelman escapes because of a sleep over. A little weird.

The killer is, mmm me! Worst of the knife. I was attacking Camryn! So I was sad. The pain Argh! After that, the wolf. Joseph screamed! "I'll just stay home" They answered, "No, Ah, Ah." So Laura found a magic kid. They ran into the Sanders. He went to her friend and they found him, he knows where. He died in bed. THE END!

We'd like to thank all the contributors to the OLA Scary Story Contest 2000 for unwittingly providing material to be sampled for this experiment in sheer subconscious terror. As for the process by which the text was generated - Only Dr. Hans Markov formerly at N.A.S.A. has provided any explanation...

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