an entry in OLA Scary Story Contest 2000

by Christy, age ten

This story is about me. I was looking for my shoes when this had happened. So I was looking for my shoes and guess where I was going to look first. In the closet, right? Right. So I looked in there and nothing was in there except a blanket covering something. When I say nothing I mean nothing you would find in a closet. I picked up the blanket. My reaction was just an 'o'. I bet you'll never guess what was under the blanket, okay you take too long, so I'm just going to tell you. A head. Yep just a head, no body. It wasn't just a head, it was a bloody head. I thought this was just a Halloween trick from my brother or sister. So I went downstairs to talk to my brother, since he's the meanst to me.

I asked him and he thought I was even more weird than I was before. I asked my sister and she said she was going to tell on me. Oh boy now it's time for the PARENTS. Of course you know that ther not going to believe me, so I thought I would show them instead of telling them. All my mom did was look at it and faint. My dad looked at it and picked it up and blood started gushing out of the head. My dad asked if it was any practical joke and I said nope it isn't any joke. When my dad had it in his hand I could have sworn I was going to throw up. Now there is blood and a fainted mother on the floor. This did not look right. Then the doorbell rang and I rushed downstairs to get it and it was the headless...

(to be continued)
p.s. if you want to find out what it is read part 2 coming out in Halloween 2001.