Jake Powell, an outfielder for the Yankees in the 1930's, did a radio pregame interview at Chicago's Comiskey Park one day. In that interview, he made the ill-advised remark that he kept in shape in the off-season by being a policeman in Dayton, Ohio, and "cracking niggers' heads." (This was back when ballplayers had to have jobs in the off-season. Imagine that now!)

Well, this caused quite an uproar, as you can imagine. Powell was suspended. There was talk of black folks boycotting Yankee games.

So what did Powell do? When he returned to New York, he went up to the top of Harlem. He went alone and after dark. Working his way southward, he stopped in every bar he found. He went into these bars, introduced himself as Jake Powell, apologized for his stupidity, and bought the house a round of drinks.

John Rocker should have gotten on that 7 train and done likewise.

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