"Smile, Jesus loves you," says the man outside my building. He wears a long white beard, dirty and unkept on his face. He has no legs, they were probably lost in Vietnam, and sits in his wheelchair out there about once a week. "Jesus loves you," he says. Jesus obviously didn't love him.

I can't stop watching people. It's an addiction.

I stopped by the supermarket on the way home. The check out girl kept looking at us, then abruptly looking away when I looked back. I liked her. I liked the look in her eye. She was really looking at me, curiously, as I was watching her. It's not the blank look that most people give me. She wore her hair up and you could see the traces of sweat around her neck and forehead, as if she'd been working for hours there and only recently stopped sweating. Her nails were cut short but it appeared like she had probably bitten them off more than anything, the skin of her hands dark and tanned.

I'm been questioning my beliefs a lot lately, although I have always questioned my beliefs. I'm beginning to think that leaning towards any extreme is not a Good Thing. Here's what I've been questioning: Capitalism vs. Socialism, Linux vs. Microsoft, Athiesm vs. Agnosticism, etc. Is taking the other end of the extreme any less silly?

I'm too tired to think.