dem bones: Hello renster, this is dem bones - from everything?
renster: left bracket crazy like a fox right bracket
click, beep beep beep beep
I've had maybe 3 conversations with people I have meet on IRC and not IRL. All these people were located in America somewhere. They were all nice people (some of the accents were sexy too unlike on jerry springer) but generally we had nothing talk to about. I would think it would be the same when talking to people from E2. I don't know why they would just ring about out of the blue.. "About that node.." or "How about that node..?!". I am not generally a great conversationalist with people I don't know well and tend for the stupid social chit chat that generally sucks.

I'm not quite sure how an E2 user would find my phone number in the first place. In fact I hope they can't! Some psycho noder could be stalking me! aaraagagah!