Chain of family pasta restaurants in BC and Alberta (correction: all over north america. the placemat didn't mention that!). They're all decorated with 1890s-style odds and ends, from the surrounding neighbourhood where possible, and some restaurants have a replica trolley car with tables inside. They specialize in spaghetti, of course, and serve spumoni ice cream with every meal. Cheap & popular with tourists.

For what it's worth, The Old Spaghetti Factory isn't entirely a Canadian chain. There is one in Nashville, TN on 2nd Avenue near the waterfront and I believe there is also one in Memphis.

The Old Spaghetti Factory used to be my favorite restaurant as a child - it was a sort of magical place my parents would take me for special occasions. Yes, we had the trolley car too - and it was where I always wanted to sit but never was allowed... the trolley car was in the smoking section. The Old Spaghetti Factory was also the site of one of my first "dates".

And up until a few moments ago, I had no idea this was a chain restaurant stretching all across Canada. I believed my moments of childhood magic to be unique and solely mine. Now all that's ruined, and I know it's all just a big Canadian conspiracy.

Thanks guys.

As a kid my family went here all the time -- but this was in Sacramento, California. It's loud, the food is relatively bland, there's plenty of stuff on the walls to distract you, and there's ice cream at the end of the meal. In short, it's the perfect place to take kids if you're tired of Chuck E. Cheese.

When I moved to Washington, I was surprised to find a Spaghetti Factory in Seattle. Once you know it's a chain, you can pick stuff out (like the trolley cars) that's exactly the same between restaurants. However, it manages to avoid the plastic feel of Red Robin-type chain restaurants.

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