An international leader in casual dining, Red Robin was founded in Seattle in 1969. There are now 135 restaurants in the United States and Canada, most of which are located on the west coast, but there's one in Potomac Mills (How do you like me now?)! Their "Masterful Mixologists" work hard at creating a wide selection of delicious burgers and other food and drink items. Red Robin is the only restaurant I know of that serves bottomless steak fries.

While most people will tell you that the Whiskey River BBQ Burger is to die for, these are probably the same people that tell you that Diet Dr Pepper tastes just like regular Dr Pepper, so you really should head over to a Red Robin and try it for yourself. You will find that these people are correct (about the burger, not the Dr Pepper). Red Robin truly lives up to its motto in providing "America's Gourmet Burgers And Spirits".

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