Yea well today I woke up around 7 in the morn I had to be at work at 9 so I had to get ready. Well work was the usual fucking boring I was there for like 8 hours only 3 people walked in the whole day, and they were only there to pick up their checks.

I got home and changed. My friend Lupe called me and we went to some punk show put on buy some bands from the high school we went to. We arrived at Friends and Faces a local bar here in town. The cover was 3 bucks we got in. Later on we went outside we saw a lot of our old friends there.

I saw that cool guy cureobsession go inside with Joe. I was talking to some friends when Sean and Alexis show up and ask me if I wanted to mosh with them and I said sure. We went inside waited for some heavy music but nothing so we said fuck it and we started. I love moshing. Nobody ever joined until the band third and long started throwing out free shit. I got this cool Ernie ball] T-shirt (I love those Super Slinky strings 100 gauge I am a bassist) and when they did started to join in.

After that we stayed there to play pool and I ended getting home like at 6 in the morning and I had to be at work at 9 but that’s ok Sunday is even more dead I slept for like an hour and a half and got paid for it.