Used in Scotland to mean the day after today. (As Webster 1913 kind of half implies)

For example: "So what're you upto the morn?"

Morn was a Lurian on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, he was played by Mark Allen Shepherd.

Morn is known by the crew of Deep Space Nine as being Quark's best customer, and has a reputation for being incredibly talkative (This is an inside joke, as Morn never said anything on screen). He first stepped into Quark's bar in 2364, back when he still had his hair. He was such an important customer in Quark's that one time when he left on business, Quark's business dropped by 5 percent. This prompted Quark to install a holographic simulation of Morn on his bar stool the next time Morn left. Morn had seventeen brothers and sisters and owned a shipping company.

In 2365, Morn and four other thieves robbed the Central Bank of Lissepia, they got away with 1000 bricks of gold pressed latinum. The robbery became known as the Lissepian Mother's Day Heist. Morn deposited empty bricks in the Bank of Bolias and stored the actual latinum in his second stomach. In 2374, Morn faked his own death and left all his latinum to Quark in his will, in order to get the other people involved in the robbery to come after him. When Quark had the latinum delivered from the Bank of Bolias to Deep Space Nine, Odo's security team was there ready to arrest them. When Morn returned to Deep Space Nine, he gave Quark 200 bricks worth of pure latinum to thank him for what he did.1

Morn's quarters contained a large mud bath which he slept in, and a painting of a matador, behind which he kept the details for his account on Bolias. He also had a reputation as a ladies' man, and was often seen with beautiful women by his side, Jadzia Dax once admitted that she had a crush on him. He also enjoyed sparring with Worf on the holodeck, Worf said that Morn was an excellent fighter.

In the weeks before the Dominion war started, Quark told Morn that if the Dominion attacked the Alpha Quadrant, Deep Space Nine would be first to fall. Morn immediately paniced, hit Quark with a barstool, ran onto the promenade screaming "We're all doomed!" and then ran into a Bajoran shrine completely naked crying to the prophets for protection. This was not actually shown on screen, but Major Kira is seen explaining the story to Captain Sisko.

In an alternate timeline created by the death of Benjamin Sisko, Morn ran Quark's bar in 2405 while Deep Space Nine was under Klingon control. Although he never said anything in English, on some of the foreign dubs of the show, Morn begins starting to say things like "Uhhh..." before he is cut off by someone. According to the Special Features on the Deep Space Nine DVD, the name Morn comes from Norm, a character on the sitcom Cheers. The actor who played Morn, Mark Allen Shepherd, also played an Bajoran who temporarily filled Morn's seat after he was presumed dead.

1. Who Mourns for Morn? (DS9)

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Morn (?), n. [OE. morwen, morgen, AS. morgen; akin to D. morgen, OS. morgan, G. morgen, Icel. morginn, morgunn, Sw. morgon, Dan. morgen, Goth. ma�xa3;rgins. Cf. Morrow, Morning.]

The first part of the day; the morning; -- used chiefly in poetry.

From morn To noun he fell, from noon to dewy eve. Milton.


© Webster 1913.

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