Bib Fortuna was the pasty-faced major-domo of Jabba the Hutt. Anyone seeking to do business with the Hutt gangster had to come through Fortuna first. A Twi'lek from the planet Ryloth, Fortuna started as a small-time spice smuggler until he was approached by Jabba. He worked his way through the ranks of Jabba's criminal empire and curried favor with his bloated master by presenting him with gifts. He served as Jabba's personal assistant and advisor for several decades.

When Jabba was killed, Fortuna attempted to take over the organization with limited success. He holed himself up in Jabba's palace, fighting a disorganized war against others trying to carve apart the carcass of the criminal empire. Though Fortuna appeared to be the victor, he was soon descended upon by the mysterious B'omarr monks who lived in the palace. The monks, wishing to spread the serenity of bodiless enlightenment, subjected Fortuna to their ritual surgery. They removed Fortuna's brain, placing it in a droid-like spider walker.

Fortuna endured the madness of an existence deprived of senses for years. Jabba's palace was claimed by an enterprising Twi'lek named Firith Olan, who delighted in tormenting the bodiless Fortuna. Despite being just a brain in an ambulatory jar, Fortuna was able to defeat Olan. He employed the B'omarr techniques to transfer his brain into Olan's body, and Fortuna was able to live again. Armed with Olan's identity, Fortuna began making a strident return to the criminal underworld

Bib Fortuna appeared in Return of the Jedi and again, more briefly, in The Phantom Menace. In typical Star Wars fashion, he became a popular minor character for his interaction with Luke Skywalker in Jedi. Fans often quote his line "Dae Wanna Wonga" which does not have subtitles in the film.

Star Wars: Databank | Fortuna, Bib: 2005-12-02

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