I always thought the idea of a global village was supposed to mean that the entire world could be seen as a single community.

In my experience, we are getting closer and closer to this every day. I remember meeting a kid from Thailand who was my a friend for a while. He taught me how to do liquid, although I now notice I do it a little differently than others in Pittsburgh, it is still liquid. House in Thailand is house in Pittsburgh, and if he had an email address I could still talk to him (he's back in Thailand).

Beyond raves, there are other elements of culture that are the same across national boundries, such as McDonald's (although without beef in India) and Nokia.

Language is one barrier to a global village, but many people are now learning English, so eventually we may all speak the same thing. Religion is another cultural discontinuity, but the number of atheists is also growing. A global village is thus a perfect world, and technology only plays a small part.