Indie rawk power-duo? Faux Naif black metal speed rap? avant garde Uriah Heep deconstructionist art noise music? Genuine old skool punk?

Formed in 1989 by two Fargo, North Dakota BMX boys -- godheadSilo was Dan Haugh (drums), Mike Kunka (bass) and that's it. Nobody else. Well, there was a guitarist named Phil somewhere along the way, but he didn't work out. And then around 1993 the two moved to Olympia, Washington.

One of the most amazing things about this Oly band was their live performance: Two skinny boys and a Ryder truckload of amplification... devoted fans crowding close to withstand waves of ultra-low frequency distorted rock power... three quarters of the crowd trying to get as far away as possible, without losing sight of Mike jogging with his bass, and poking at dozens of effects pedals with his toes... Seeing anything of Dan besides his flailing arms and sticks behind his oversized drumkit was mostly impossible.

An out of date web page at claims the band has "sent many a verbose rock journalist scrambling for a thesaurus" -- thunder, earthquake, bleeding ears, fear, rumbling, bludgeon, legend, stunning, grindcore, RAWK, innocent... sounds like the CMJ all right!

The band has been on indefinite hiatus since the release of 1998's Share the Fantasy. A terrible knife accident during his move to New Orleans left Dan unable to drum for months, and derailed a planned tour. More recently, Dan (all better now!) drummed in a New Orleans band called Dirty Knives and makes web pages for Sub Pop Records; and Mike is making people happy with a new band called EnemyMine, and some kind of collaboration with the Melvins.

Collaborations: Dan has played with KRS Super-group Witchypoo; Calvin Johnson guests some rap vocals on the title track of the 1996 album Skyward in Triumph. Much of the band's early material was recorded by Tim Green (formerly of Nation of Ulysses, currently The Champs). The band toured a bit with Sebadoh in 1995/96.
Stars Kill Rock -- (compilation LP) -- Kill Rock Stars, 1992
The Friendship Village -- (7" EP) -- Kill Rock Stars, 1993
Split 7" with Hammerhead -- (single) -- OXO Records, 1993
The Scientific Supercake -- (LP/CD) -- Kill Rock Stars, 1994
Dope, Guns 'n' Fucking In The Streets, vol. 8 -- (7" compilation) -- Amphetamine Reptile, 1994
The Smitten Love Song Compilation -- (LP/CD compilation) -- Karate Brand, 1994
Elephantitus Of The Night -- (7" EP) -- Kill Rock Stars, 1995
Elephantitus Of The Night -- (CD/EP) -- Kill Rock Stars, 1995
A Means To An End: The Music of Joy Division -- (CD Compilation) -- Virgin Records US, 1995
Booby Trap -- (7" single) -- Subpop, 1996
Skyward In Triumph -- (LP/CD) -- Subpop, 1996
          (features a fifteen minute single note "audio torture" track: Guardians of the Threshold)
Second Sixty Second Compilation -- (7" compilation) -- Coat-Tail Records, 1996,
Yo Yo A Go Go -- (3LP/2CD compilation) -- Yoyo Records, 1996,
Pure Sweet Hell, Jabberjaw Comp. Vol. 2 -- (CD compilation) -- Mammoth, 1996
Dope, Guns 'n' Fucking In The Streets volume 8-11 -- (LP/CD compilation) -- Amphetamine Reptile USA, 1997
Share the Fantasy -- (CD) -- Subpop US, 1998
          (features a Phil Collins cover song - In The Air Tonight)
Sound: Check -- (CD) -- Subpop, 1998

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