WOW! Pictures of this glorious debacle can now be found at !


A date has been set: Saturday April 7th.
LAST-LAST-MINUTE CHANGE:this is minor. We have to go to Buca at 4pm instead of 5pm. We have a reservation, under my name, Chris Cotrell.

Look! Last-minute polishing. I present this plan to you: I will meet people at noon by the big spoon in the sculpture garden across from the Walker Art Center. (Go to for location information.) Around 12.30 we'll go into the Walker museum, for free, as it is every first Saturday of the month. It may be crowded, but hey, it won't cost anything. Wander around, see the exhibits, talk to Yoko Ono on the telephone if we're lucky. Leave around 15.45-16.00 to walk to Buca. Stop in Loring Park and go on the swings, then along the Loring Greenway into downtown. Meet people in front of Buca around 16.30-16.45, then go in. Buca has its own parking lot, for any that may have cars. We eat dinner, then wend our way over to Hamline for swing dancing at 19.00. Post-dancing madness, we may or may not be struck by glorious inspiration and go make chaos about the city. Sound good?

If you need a place to sleep, /msg me. Also, if you're coming at all, please /msg me so that we can know how big of a table to get at Buca di Beppo.

NEW! as of 14.03.2001: Litmus must play with his jazz band around 20:00 that evening, and we are all invited to swing dancing at Hamline! If people could wend their ways over to Buca (or other eating establishment if that strikes people as bad) by 5pm (there should be ample vehicular assistance available), we can all have an earlier dinner, followed by swingin' madness! Litmus will be able to join us from time to time on the dance floor.Swing dancing lessons are at 19:00, music starts at 20:00.

People seem to be thinking Buca di Beppo in downtown Minneapolis at 7pm. StFiend says it's crowded and noisey and expensive... I could arrive early to hold our place in the queue so we don't all have to wait a long time, but we can't really make it quiet. Thoughts?
Buca di Beppo sounds like a great idea, and in general just wandering the cities could be a lot of fun. If we're a small bunch we could crowd into my dorm room... Sledding if it's still snowy... any other fantastic ideas?

There have been plenty of rollicking mad joyous E2 gatherings recently: Portland. New York. Atlanta. Portland again. To that I say:

It's time for an E2 bash in the Upper Midwest!

Why: Maybe it's to get some better geographic distribution. Maybe it's because we here in Minnesota need something to cheer us up when it's 5°F out. Maybe it's because I'm bitter about Pseudo_Intellectual picking a date for the spring Portland gathering when I wouldn't be there. Maybe I just wanted to use an absurdly long string of adjectives. In any case, it's time!

Who: litmus! Mitchevious! Lactic.Acid! rainfire! Amoeba Protozoa! eponymous! StFiend! qousqous! you! If I'm gonna have a noder gathering, I'm going to need noders. I'm still working on that part, and you want to come. Minnesotans, Iowans, Wisconsonians (?), Illinoisians (??), anyone who can make it, come on over here to the Twin Cities!

Where: Somewhere in the Twin Cities, Minnesota region. I need a place. My dorm room simply is NOT big enough (unless we're a small bunch . . . ) /msg me or add a writeup if you have a place to offer.

When: This is, as of yet, also not established. I'm thinking a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, between now and March 16th and between April 2nd and May 15th, cause that's when I'll be here. /msg me or add a writeup to help work out the date.April 7, 2001.

What: Joy! Madness! Frolic! Let's play Balderdash, make sushi, go sledding! We can sit in a sewing circle while plotting the overthrow of the US government! There's always the good ol' drunken orgy, the movie screening, or even the occasional uninspired party game. Noders are creative and know how to have fun.

Okay, well, if we can't find a place to gather, we could still always frolic about the cities, though a number of us (myself included) be under 21.

n6: Darn. This is the predicament of many. Mayhap you might care to plan your own spring break E2 midwest gathering?