Loring is a beautiful little park right on the edge of downtown Minneapolis. It was completely renovated about 3 years ago and is now quite nice.

Right around the park you will find the Walker Art Museum, and the Guthrie Theater for your cultural fix. For your dining pleasure there is, the Loring Cafe , Starbucks, and Joe's Garage.

Also of note is the Amazon bookstore. This is a lesbian bookstore that far predates Amazon.com, they got into a big legal dispute with Amazon.com because people kept sending their returned books and cd's to them, and well frankly they didn't know what to do with 50 copies of Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus.

Inside the park there are tennis courts, jungle gyms, ponds, basket ball courts, a small pool and much more.

Previously known as a haven for drug addicts, the park has undergone a quick revitalization and is now quite safe.

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