Waking up slowly, the nice way. Something to eat and a clean kitchen so things are proceeding in a good manner. On the steps flossing, Mac rides up on his bike, home early from field work to start photocopying several thousand pages at the library for his boss. The sun is nice, touching only the bottom step such that I may feel the pleasant proximity without direct contact. Driving to work, a new tape left in the car from a trip to an out of town skatepark the previous day, hardcore...mild though. Finding that the logic programmer still has not completed the corrections I specified yesterday, I slack aimlessly until he delivers the new code. Programming the FPGA and sampling the results yields more mistakes and I leave a voice message, a routine repeated endlessly these days. A few hours later, on the way home. Warm air is nice, windows and sunroof open fill the car with a steady loud rushing that almost feels cleansing, summer shares generously. Yet among this, I feel a curious tension in myself, restlessness that neads unleashing. This may be hinting towards other things that are accumulating motion, anticipation of the full capacity while only able to taste the beginnings for now. Eating a little and start drawing, Tyler calls and comes over to visit. Feeling drowsy as I move the pencil over the paper laying in the bed near a breeze vented window. Letting sleepiness wash in, pulling a pillow over my head to darken everything around. Ringing, piercing, shattering the sleep Selena is on the phone receiving my nonsense replies until I ask her if she would rather talk to Mac who is awake. The restless need to break out is still churning, skateboarding at the library ledges might help, I find a curious clumbsiness has descended on me. After a little while Anthony shows up, mentioning that he called the house and they said I would be here, between us we are both putting forth a shabby effort and end up talking instead as darkness creeps in. It falls into a comfortable rhythm, telling each other that we should probably go soon, talking for a while, skating in bursty periods, and saying we should go again, while continuing to talk. Making plans and plots for travelling, perceptions and thoughts, finally we split directions for home.