Got up early for the weekly 7am meeting. It always feels like a waste of time going to them... I tend to just tune out while my boss jabbers into the speakerphone. But at least it means that I get to leave work an hour early.

Last night was spent having a bake-off between me and her... our friends were the judge of who made a better meatloaf. Of course, I thought that I won, and she thought that she won. The friends were just as split:

hers: too onion-y
mine: too ketchup-y
"But both of them are good!"

After a heated round of Balderdash, we laid around on bed for a while, just talking. What a concept, talking in a relationship.

Errp... I'm just being cynical about the previous one.

She asked me to tell her an inspiring story for tomorrow. So, now that's my goal.. to remember something inspiring.

So what's inspiring?


->When my mom hugged me out of pseudo-depression
->When two people realized that they loved each other... despite the loss.
->When my priest blessed a crippled man in front of the congregation.


Thinking of the inspiring events in life is hard work.