Today was a third of a day at work... all us interns were getting a to see a speech by our illustrious ceo.
So, before the speech, flirting partner and i went for a walk around the block near the theatre where the speech was. She thought that we should throw all caution aside and just try and see what happens... despite having only a month left living in the same state.
Man... I dunno. It's so hard. It feels so right, but I think that if it turns into a long distance relationship, it will just not be good. I'm bad at those. Very bad.
So I'm going to bed, all confused and stuff. I'm having fun, but I'm afraid of getting too attached. I just broke up with the old girlfriend a month ago... and already I'm slipping into another relationship. Granted, this one could be good; she's a computer girl and I'm a computer boy so we understand each other somehow on a fundamental level. That's never happened to me before.