aach! what is happening?!

Chatterbox humour:

<kenata>: Posthumous are you always a prick!

so, spent the evening with her, talking almost non-stop. it's interesting to see how our opinions about the serious subjects differ; at least neither of us is hard-headed enough to start an argument of it, though.

After dinner, played around the apartment. the rest is history.

I think that I'm sort of, strangely, missing my linux machine. It's still there, of course, but doesn't work with the WinModem that I use for 98, so no fun-net stuff can be done; the least of which being downloading drivers for the new video card so i can run X.

Obtained, through nefarious means, a copy of Partition Magic which tonight shall be used to beef up the drive. Got an email from cousin julie, who lives in the area, and after an entire summer of living in Chicago we are finally going to get together this weekend.

Work still is slow.