The Guinness Book of World Records will not accept the above DJs trial without sleep because the poor guy ended up so fucked up it was judged to be dangerous and ruled inelligable for entry. The current world record for the longest radio broadcast goes to a UK DJ, Simon Mayo of BBC's Radio 1 who made the attempt in March, 1999 for the charity event Children in need after loads of attempts were struck off the record after the people on high decided they were all too dangerous to people's health. He now has the world record for the longest radio show (which was the attempt being made). He made it all the way to 36 hours with a break for the toilet every 8 or so hours.

When they showed the end on TV, the poor guy was so tired he could barely stand. The sight of him with a glass of champagne in his hand while he slowly goes cross-eyed is one I won't forget for a while!