I don't have dreams very often, so here goes. I'll try and get it down before it fades away completely.

Another of my epic dreams.
It starts of and I'm in a campsite but with chalets. I was going to someone elses chalet for a barbeque. To cut a long story short, a load of drug dealers (?) came along and forcibly removed some gold jewellery. Me being the good person I am, grabbed a set of car keys and gave chase in a metallic blue Ford Scorpio. I caught up with them half way to Sheffield, on the motorway and forced them off the road and grabbed the bag full of gold from them. Since my car was now broken, I stole theirs (since they were trying to run away from me down the motorway and finished the journey to sheffield.
Sheffield looked nothing like the real one so I got out and started riding around. I suddenly realised that I was being followed by a teenage kid and his 2 MI6 minders, obviously assesing his performance. I started cycling like a madman, trying to shake them off. When I did, I was on the upper tier in a 2 story shopping mall so I ducked in to one of the shops (a bookshop, with my bike) and made my way down the stairs. At the bottom I was confronted with the boy who I now recognised as Harry Potter and his 2 minders. He was holding a bag of golden trinkets. These were the remainder of what was stolen I quickly lifted my bike onto its back wheel and smashed the front into Harry's face. He sent down unconcious so I took the back. At this point the 2 minders took out a pistol each and shot Harry in the chest. I understood that it was because he had failed his mission so I just tried to get out and get home. The agents didn't stop me.
I cycled out of the city and hit the motorway (on my bike) but I was safe enough because it was jammed and I could do what I wanted. Eventually I pulled off at my exit onto a winding road that could have come out of north Wales. I noticed the backdrop of the hills surrounding Marsielle in France. I carried on down this road until I encountered obstacles which I then proceeded to avoid by riding around them until I got to a big gap in the road, at the bottom of which was a big lava flow. I had to get across if I wanted to go home. Along the side of the gap was a brick wall about chest high, with small pillars every 1 1/2 metres or so. I just climbed on the wall and hauled my bike up, balancing it on the wall and pushing it ahead of me. I was just trying to get my balance properly when the alarm went off and I woke up.