I don't know how we got there, but we have just locked the door behind us in a bedroom in my house, myself and the woman of my dreams. We are barricading the door against the zombies which have taken over the rest of the house. The room is on the second floor, and we know we have to get out somehow. I feel numb. She doesn't know I love her or even who I am. The zombies are breaking through the door as we climb out the window onto the roof with bed sheets. We've tied the sheets up somewhere and I'm trying to convince her to climb down but she won't. She will climb down right after me. I'm down and running from the zombies but she is not there. As I turn around I see she has fallen and the zombies are closing in. I run to help her. I hear an urgent car horn and we are running across the street into a car packed with people.

The inside is like a limo, with two seats facing each other in the back. This is upsetting and she will not sit near me. We all seem familiar with each other but I don't know any of them. There is arguing as the car moves along, but it seems muted compared to everything else. It is brought up very rudely that she is pregnant. This is a shock to my senses. We have come to a stop at a gas station near my house, though the car had been moving in the opposite direction. It is deserted and these people are convinced that people trashed it, not zombies. But as we are considering taking food for ourselves we realize there are zombies there and get into the helicopter and take off. Next we are over water. I'm trying to tell her but she is angry and doesn't want to talk to anyone.

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