The operating system on Atari ST, Atari TT and Atari Falcon030. Before Atari's death they also released MultiTOS, an multitasking-enabled TOS variant based on MinT, that was basically an unix-variant.

TOS is a warehousing and logistics term used in Australia to stand for Temporarily Out of Stock.

A customer, having been informed of an item's TOS status, may elect to have the item back ordered, meaning that it is to be supplied when available.

TOS is also used when one is talking about the original Star Trek series (Star Trek: The Original Series), since the term "Star Trek" has come to be used when talking about the franchise as a whole, a term had to be developed to seperate the adventures of James T. Kirk from the rest of the series. So if anyone ever tells you they were watching TOS last night, remember that they are not talking about AOL.

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