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I was travelling to a big rave event with ReXX. The party was held in a really small town in the middle of nowhere. We arrived at the local bus station and saw the town was absolutely packed with people. The rave was only one of the many big happenings taking place there that weekend. One of the others was an enduro race.
We stayed in the station waiting for an another friend. ReXX offered me some candy, but I didn't want any since I had just ate a bag of the same ones. My friend soon arrived, but suddently some cops arrived to search his bus for drugs. He managed to smuggle his E past the police, and we were on our way.
The bus was also really crowded We had a really hard time reading maps and timetables figuring out which bus stop we should get off on. The weather was turning worse all the time, and soon it was a total thunderstorm outside. Lightnings were hitting on the ground all around the road. We got off the bus and started walking towards the party in the heavy rain.
*the sound of alarm buzzing*

Short and bizarre as hell:

I was dreaming I was at the competition where Tony Hawk had just pulled off the famous 900. I kept asking everyone if he really did pull it off. Everyone kept ignoring me. Friggin weird dream.

danthman: -- Yes I did infact watch the extreme games highlights. Just worried about this people ignoring me skit. I think Steve Cabellos(sp?) ignored me (yes he was in the crowd)...

Firstly, in response to booyaa's node above, he must've seen the same event which was on at like 12:30 am last night on Channel 5 like I did :-) Pretty impressive, everyone there went absolutely crazy. Also, you'll notice that Tony Hawk looks much different with and without his helmet on.

I've decided to add my (future) dreams to this log even though I don't really feel that it's appropriate, but what the hey, I read other people's dreams 8-). Some of jessicapierce's are particularly of interest.

Anyways, last nights dream was pretty standard fare to be honest, although it's one of the dream situations I hate, i.e. something you think would be pretty damn amazing if it happened, but is possible to happen, and seems so real, until you wake up. Which brings to to another point, am I the only person to dream in Black and White? Maybe it's the REM or something causing this, but my Physics teacher keeps saying i'm a Physicist, so I guess I can use the excuse that i'm a Physicist (not Physician as I keep accidentally stating) and not a biologist, so any Human Biologists care to explain?

As far as the actual dream is concerned it was pretty weird, I think I was at college, i can't really remember where I was, but it was a pretty public place and probably (as you'll see later on) not in England, but in America, where a lot of my dreams will proabably occur in the next month, as it's only four weeks until I vacation to Orlando, FL for the fifth time, w00p!

However, as I was saying I was somewhere public and there were these American chicks (assumption is accent-based) and I managed to get talking with one of them, but she seemed distant, interested but apparently interested in something else a little more. Beats the hell outta' me, maybe it's one of them deja vu things that I always get. Anyways I managed to persuade her my way and I felt like i'd actually accomplished something for once, I felt almost proud. Anyways the rest is gone to the land of memory wastage, after all it's 14:20 BST now and I did have to awake at approx. 08:00 BST today and today so far has overwritten it. I'm not sure where I imagined her face from, although if I ever see her in real life (mega-unlikely) I would definately make up some excuse to talk to her, obviously not starting with - "Hey! You were in my dream this one time!", which just sounds like one of the bad cheesy pick-up likes that everyone seems to hate these days.

Anywho, i'm hungry but the refectory is closed now, so I have to go get a couple of chocolate-based snack bars instead as a sort-of midway-between-lunch-and-dinner mini-meal that is altogether not good for me, but it's easier that taking to two minutes to go home and get real food. Bah.

Wait a minute! This appears to be my longest ever node so far! Weird. Maybe I should start remembering more of my dreams.

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  • Walking with Patrick, windy out, under the green green trees, wearing his green coat. I think the other girls were jealous when we disappeared into the woods.
  • The company wanted me to go apologize to the baby the spider knocked over. I thought it was a dumb idea but there was no other way I would get to talk to that beautiful child. She laughed and laughed.
  • I tumbled over in the sand laughing. He helped me up; I knew he would. He was a stranger but I knew he would end up giving me his jacket.
  • Sitting in a tree posing for up-the-skirt shots
  • Patrick was making up songs about the new baby at his house, calling it a slimy little lizard. The black guy from Chasing Amy laughed and laughed. I was eavesdropping; Patrick was beautiful.
  • Trying to format my porn site. I wanted the top line to flash I WAS BURNED I WAS BEATEN.
  • Telling Katie Fowler about my new sneakers. They're really great, they're The Next Edge.
  • I knew there was no way I could ever convince Clairol that "color guard" did not rhyme with "lizard."
  • Walking past a car I thought I recognized in the parking lot. Was it Jason? No, it was thefez, and he was still in the car, not inside the restaurant, as I'd assumed. I panicked, but it was dark, he probably couldn't see me. I walked quietly away, keeping my eyes on him, as he sat in the car with his feet hanging out, fiddling with the radio. I hid behind a tree, listening to myself breathe.
Strange dream...weeeeee....Naked.

Was at a friends house, not sure which one, all i know is i recognised the house. We were all going swimming, god knows who, aparently my friends. I was chatting it up with the ladies, my girlfriend, everyone. So then the party was over, and i was going to go change into clothes. I walked out of the room, through a door, and into my US History class, naked as the day i was born. This did not phase anyone, as nakedness normally doesn't in dreams. Thing was, i didn't even care. I knew i was dreaming. So i walked out of my class and into the bathroom, like 3 guys in there changing also from the party. I was letting the dream go autopilot up until i decided on where to change, "I'm going to change over here, move, theres less piss on the floor". And me being the scary person that i am, got my way. So i went about putting on clothes, and woke up.

Darn, and that promised to be a decent dream after that... /me growls at person who woke me up.

Every house around mine was on fire, and I was worried that the fire would spread to my house, so I attempted to call 911.

On my first try, I misdialed. I hung up and tried again. This time I got through.

The fire department never showed up. Just about every house around mine became an inferno, but every time the fire came near my house, it would melt the siding a bit, and then stop burning.

I knew I wouldn't be the fire department's first priority, so I looked around for a hose so I could put out the fires on my house by myself. The only hose I could find was way too short. (Sigmund Freud would have had a field day with that one.)

In the meantime, the apartment building close to my house (note: in real life, no such building exists) was burning up, and people were hanging out of the windows on the top floor.

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