Strange dream...weeeeee....Naked.

Was at a friends house, not sure which one, all i know is i recognised the house. We were all going swimming, god knows who, aparently my friends. I was chatting it up with the ladies, my girlfriend, everyone. So then the party was over, and i was going to go change into clothes. I walked out of the room, through a door, and into my US History class, naked as the day i was born. This did not phase anyone, as nakedness normally doesn't in dreams. Thing was, i didn't even care. I knew i was dreaming. So i walked out of my class and into the bathroom, like 3 guys in there changing also from the party. I was letting the dream go autopilot up until i decided on where to change, "I'm going to change over here, move, theres less piss on the floor". And me being the scary person that i am, got my way. So i went about putting on clothes, and woke up.

Darn, and that promised to be a decent dream after that... /me growls at person who woke me up.