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I was travelling to a big rave event with ReXX. The party was held in a really small town in the middle of nowhere. We arrived at the local bus station and saw the town was absolutely packed with people. The rave was only one of the many big happenings taking place there that weekend. One of the others was an enduro race.
We stayed in the station waiting for an another friend. ReXX offered me some candy, but I didn't want any since I had just ate a bag of the same ones. My friend soon arrived, but suddently some cops arrived to search his bus for drugs. He managed to smuggle his E past the police, and we were on our way.
The bus was also really crowded We had a really hard time reading maps and timetables figuring out which bus stop we should get off on. The weather was turning worse all the time, and soon it was a total thunderstorm outside. Lightnings were hitting on the ground all around the road. We got off the bus and started walking towards the party in the heavy rain.
*the sound of alarm buzzing*