I'm in Boston, visiting Andreea at BU. The elevator keeps on taking me to the garage, where some kids play hockey. Eventually I do get to her floor, but her door opens to a japanese tea-room. Her mother has made some terrible sushi, using ginger instead of rice. I have brought some yellowfish maki, and she is offended, thinking that I wanted to show her off. Andreea eats the maki and complements me on it; her mom starts bitching in Romanian.

I briefly awake but drift back to sleep

Now I am in a schoolroom / lecture hall. A black man resembling my little brother's football coach is talking about discipline in the urban family. He also brings up conseling teenage boys in Africa, and how we're indebted to do that. I look around and all the other people in the room are agreeing - How is a white kid from Germany supposed to help some african youth face to face?
We leave the hall and are in BU again. Andreea takes me to the atlantic, where Elephants are jumping in the water. Carmen Electra is helping them, smaking them in their elephant asses and pulling them back out. The guy from "Who wants to be a millionaire" tells her to stop because people are watching.

I wake up again, 2:30 P.M. this time.