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Thanks to my somewhat-left-of-center elementary school, and the passed-down injun horror stories from my maternal-side elders, Thanksgiving was, for me, almost always about something else, much as Christmas is six weeks of Commercialism Day (or Exaggerated Piety Month for xians). Thanksgiving was "Get Out of School Free" Day, it was Sports Day (Man Thing Day), it was part of See America Week, where I'd be at Big Family Gatherings in exotic locales like North Philadelphia, Richmond, Harlem, or Myrtle Beach.

This year, it was just a quiet, small-scale thing, which is about all I can handle in my fragile state; the massed relatives visited by phone, rather than by plane, train, and automobile. It was sports-free (see the Barry Sanders rant) - my last Sports Thing before going cold turkey (heh heh heh) is the Champions League, and that's a Tuesday/Wednesday thing anyway - the extra time allowed me to (gasp!) work, attempting to come to grips with non-Microsoft XML (and I must say that I feel somewhat cleaner). And, of course, there's the helping out with the cooking. Then the eating. Then the eating too much. Then the passing out... Now, the Stupid Leftover Tricks beckon. Club sandwiches for everybody! Turkey-and-mashed-potato omelets!