Time counts, and keeps counting.

I was fast approaching 30. No, that isn't quite right, I was hurtling towards 30 like a man who had fallen out of an airplane. All I could see was the ground screaming towards me, and all I could think of was how I didn't get to do any of the things I wanted to do. I was typing furiously as the air rushed past me, trying with all my might to accomplish something before I hit the ground.

I finished writing my first book several months before I turned thirty. It was a roleplaying game book, using the Dungeons & Dragons and D20 licenses. Unfortunately it was doomed as the new version of the game I created it for was announced shortly after publication. Still, it is nice to see my name on the cover of something that isn't on a computer screen. I had plans for other books to link up with it, but the change in system version and (more importantly) the changes in D20 licensing kept that from happening. I still plan on writing more, just not anything else for Dungeons and Dragons.

Now I don't particularly have any friends anymore. I used to have friends, but they all got married and basically vanished off the scene. I know some people of course, but I don't have a single person that I could call up to actually do a social event. Not really. But I do have a roommate, and he has some friends. So that is a little bit better than nothing. The reason I am bringing up friends is because I had recently written a roleplaying game book, and as the author I wanted to use it in a game with actual people. Preferably somebody other than the people I usually played D&D with, as that gang was also all getting married off, and they tended to bring their babies to the game, and well, that just complicated everything.

So we started a new D&D game with myself as gamemaster, my roommate and his girlfriend, two other girls and two more boys. Things quickly got interesting from there.

On to part two.

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