A day

Its not that I was having a particularly bad day...that was part of the problem. There was really nothing particular about it. At least on a particularly bad day you know why you're angry and have a good reason for moping around. On a day with nothing notable about it, you just kind of mope about with no purpose - that's the worst moping there is. There was nothing special about this day. Hell it wasn't even a Monday or Tuesday - it was just a day that ended in a 'Y': a completely nameless day.

But the sun was shining and the sky was blue and the air was crisp and it was a beautiful 65 degree morning - even on a bad day(which this wasn't) I would have appreciated the weather.

It was about 9am and I had been up since 6pm. We got out of class at 4am, PT at 5, shower and breakfast brought the time to 7. I had been killing time watching TV and walking around outside. Nothing to do, nothing to do. Go to the store, go watch TV, nothing to do. Walk by the Post Office - no wait, it's open. It's never open when I walk by; it seems they base their hours around my sleep schedule, as random as it is.

Walk in the Post Office. 7900, 8000, 8100, 8104. Turn turn turn turn 39, turn turn turn 28, turn turn 9. Pry the stupid mailbox door open with my keys...why did I get stuck with a sticky door? Hey look, mail. Ooh, from Shauna.

I opened it outside, walking towards the store again to kill time, and read the single word sentence on the side of a yellow 3x5 index card. "Smile."

...I did.

Its Thursday.