Propaganda, n.

Propaganda can simply be defined as any piece of information(factual or otherwise), that acts as a means to indoctrinate, or sway the reader to the propagandizer's cause. Propaganda has been an incredibly effective tool throughout history, used as a means to either bring the glorius light of truth to the blind masses, or, more often, to persuade the masses to support another canidate. This was the case with the Weirmar Republic being slandered by the National Socialists in pre-WW2 Germany, with the help of a retarded Dutchman, of course.

As Jet-Poop has so elegantly mentioned in the above writeup, we as a populace are bombarded with propaganda on a daily basis. In such a case, the most frequent, yet least potent(or so we think) of this indoctrination would have to be commercial advertising. It's constantly around us. Even if you don't have a single television in your home! It's all around you, seeping in the walls. Now, I think it would be almost paranoid to construct some kind of conspiracy theory at this point, but isn't there an interestingly perceived correlation between the rise in consumerism and the rise in general political apathy?

Of course at this point, you can say a number of things. "You're full of shit!", "Isn't that a little presumptuous?" or the perrenial favorite here on E2, "You're ideas have occured to others.", well do you want a fuckin' cookie or somethin?

I mean, we're moving into a new millenium, we stand on the threshhold of what could be marvelous technology. It's. All. Right. There. But, I don't see the technology being used for human embetterment, why? Because the developers of said marvelous technologies are what you call a private corporation, which is bent doing what? Making profit.

Now, you can believe whatever far-out theories on the future of mankind you want, but I've always been a person of the "corporatist" school of thought. Namely, that within the next 50 years or so, corporations will be their own countries, with private armies, lifetime contracts and corporate funerals(ala Cyberpunk in general).

Boy, and this started out as a simple blurb about propaganda.

But anyways, to get to the point of this writeup, isn't it an interesting possibility to consider that just perhaps, all this commercial white noise we're constantly bombarded with is an attempt to draw our minds away from the sad realities of life (That is what pop culture was meant for, after all. To shield consumers from the angst of daily life, making them better shoppers, better workers, etc). But why would they do something like that? Why wouldn't they want us to face reality, and hence seek a real improvement of our lifestyles, not just "more toys". These are the chains that bind us. Now, I don't really think this is all some kind of constructed conspiracy to enslave us with material comforts. It's more like, over the years, this is the way the organics of corporate policy have just evolved. And I gander, now that it's in this state, why wouldn't they harness the benefits? We're all entrenched in this invisible war for more goodies.

I think, if enough people got together and focused their energy on the improving of humanity in general, that is, if we all really wanted it to happen, we could make things better for everyone(there's that goddamn altruism again). You know, forgoe our own gluttony and just share the wealth. That is, if you really wanted everyone, every-single-human-being and lower-lifeform-alike, to really be contented, you'll have to sacrifice some of your own. Of course, doing this would probably involve overthrowing corporate and govermental rule...