The title of a 1944 American propaganda poster, along the same lines as "Loose Lips Sink Ships." This poster features features a sad little girl with big blue eyes clutching a framed photo of her daddy, who happens to be wearing an American military uniform. Like most American propaganda, the predominant colors are red, white, and blue.

When one thinks of wartime propaganda, one usually thinks of recruitment posters, but the military was equally concerned about keeping the locations of already-enlisted troops under wraps. This poster does a masterful job of combining paranoia ("They're listening!") with low-down, cheap sentimentality. Jane Doe would have a much harder time talking about her husband's location if a weeping, doe-eyed girl appeared in her mind's eye every time she opened her mouth.

I find the girl's Aryan features quite interesting. Add a swastika or two and this could easily be a German poster from the same era.

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