Atari 2600 Game
Produced by: Universal Gamex
Model Number: 1005
Year of Release: 1983
Rarity: 9 Extremely Rare

Now you can have glorious 4 color porn on your Atari. Thats right this is a porno game for the Atari 2600.

The game itself is a simple maze game with 4 levels. At the end of each level you are presented with a naughty graphic, and you must jiggle your joystick like mad to try and "make it" with the naked girl.

From the back of the box

You're "X-Man"...the macho super-stud of the year!

A "Sexy Blond" with a body that doesn't quit is waiting behind the door to satisfy your every fantasy. You've got the equipment, you're excited and ready to give her what she desires. All you've got to do is get through that door and do your stuff. Sounds easy? ...Wrong!

Coming at you are the "Crabs" with their claws ready to tear your privates apart. Next come the "Scissors" whose sharp blades can cut off your manhood. And last are the "Teeth" who snap with a vise-like grip that will leave more than just marks! Get the picture>

But this "Sexy Blond" is worth it. And you're a man who's ready to challenge action, and escape from tight spots. We promise that if you've got the stuff to avoid your attackersand get through the door you'll score in more ways than one!

This game faced protest from women’s groups when it was released, and most retailers declined to carry it. It is consequently very hard to find today. It is easier to find in PAL format, so please note that my rarity value is for the NTSC version (Pal format would probably be a 6).

This game is one of the more valuable Atari games due to the extremely limited distribution. $100 USD would be a starting price.