Atari 2600 Game
Produced by: Atari
Model Number: CX26115
Rarity: P Prototype
Year of Release: 1983
Programmer: uncredited

Put on your goggles. It is time to pilot the good old flying Elephant. It's Dumbo for the Atari 2600.

Hooray for vaporware! Walt Disney Dumbo's Flying Circus was listed in the Fall 1983 Atari catalog. But was one of many projects that were never finished due to Atari's inability to pay the high licensing fees (the crash had left the company in hot water financially).

Prototype copies of the game exist. Screenshots from these show that the game was only about half finished. You can fly Dumbo all around the screen. While a clown at the top drops balloons on you. Sometimes the clown will fall, which gives you the chance to try and catch him. All that is intact. What is missing is the background, most of the sound, some of the collision detection, and the entire scoring/level system. This game is sought after only for its rarity and not for its gameplay.

From the Atari catalog
You haven't flown anything until you've made an elephant fly. Dumbo can shoot peanuts, pop balloons, and snatch falling clowns out of mid-air.
Collectors Information

This game was never finished and exists only in prototype form. It is worth at least $500 USD, if not more. When purchasing a prototype you should always have an expert examine the cartridge for authenticity (as they are very easy to make fake copies of).

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