Last night I had my first dream ever about noding.

I dreamed I was doing a long writeup about my favorite hamburger. When i was finished. I looked down below the box you type into and I saw these options.

Create it as a:...Person...Place...Idea...Thing...Sandwich

I of course created my node as a sandwich. In my dream it did not even occur to me that sandwich was not an option for a node type. I was quite saddened today to look down and not see the sandwich button.

You get three for one in this dreamlog here is another dreamlog put here to keep the number of dreamlogs in my search at a sane level.
Dream Log: September 4, 2001

My dreams have been broken and scattered lately (I have not been sleeping well). But they keep coming back to two things, Katie and E2.

Katie shows herself fleetingly. Only to quickly vanish. "All is forgiven" she might say, only to run away before I can touch her. Other times she will be silent, she will let me touch her, but she will not speak, and once again, she will vanish.

/msgs, I keep getting msgs in my dreams. Most often from nine9 and ryano (which is odd, because I don't particularly get msgs from either of them). They are always perfectly incomprehensible. But I wake up anyway, move the 3 feet from the bed to the computer, and check to see if they were real. There will invariably be at least one msg there, but not whatever msg it was that I was dreaming of. I simply must check though, I just have to.

And a third Dream Log: July 31, 2001

The Katie dreams come to me about once a week now. Alway the same thing, but always different in the exact details. You probably have to read this before this dream will make any sense.

I am at work, (working someplace fictional, yet oddly familiar). The dream always starts with some sort of problem in the office.

Then the doors open. I look up to see Katie. She motions me away from my desk. "I am sorry" She says, "I loved you all along". We kiss. She tells me how she has left her abusive home, and how she wants to stay with me now. She pulls a ring out of her pocket. "I got this back from the Chinese girl. Will you ask me now?" she says as she hands me the ring.

I get down on one knee, and I ask her to marry me. She says "Yes, it is the only thing that I have ever wanted".

This next part doesn't happen everytime that I have the dream.

"I am ready to love you now", Katie says softly as she leads me into a room. Katie gives me her virginity then. That closely guarded thing that I never tried to pressure her into giving me before. She now gives willingly, and happily.

We somehow are transported outside. We are standing next to a Subaru station wagon. Katie has the keys in her hand. She says, "I just have to go and get a few things". She kisses me, and then drives away.

I always wake up right after that. I usually begin to cry after I realize that it was just another dream, and that Katie is never coming back. But she always comes back, but only when I am dreaming.