The McChicken Sandwich is one of McDonalds' staple sandwiches in the UK, and the most common of their 'exotic' offerings (beating out the McFillet in terms of popularity and taste by a considerable margin). It was introduced as recently as 1989, and in terms of 'rank' it's equal to the Quarterpounder and the Big Mac, with which it forms the holy triumvirate of McDonalds' staple foodstuffs. In my personal experience, however, both the Big Mac and the Quarterpounder are more substantial.

According to, the McChicken Sandwich is composed of "carefully boned breast meat in a light batter coating with a toasted bun with sauce and lettuce", cooked in "partially hydrogenated 100% rapeseed oil". The American equivalent seems to be the 'Crispy Chicken' sandwich, although that is considerably more calorific. In reality, the sandwich appears to be composed of moist, packed sawdust.

In the style of Wesley Willis, a McChicken Sandwich has 17.2 grammes of fat, and contains 375 kcalories; in comparison, a Quarterpounder with cheese has 26 grammes of fat (13.3 saturated, against the McChicken's 3.3) and 516 kcalories.

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