things are weird. life is going too fast. one day blends into the next and i don't seem to be able to keep track anymore. i wake up, go to work, come home, occupy my waking time until i can sleep. lately sleep usually comes around 4 or 5 in the morning. lather, rinse, repeat.

So... i'm trying to control my compulsive need to clean by diverting my attention towards growing succulents. i find it relaxing. since carefully pouring over the care and maintenance of the plants is a 'hobby', it's not so weird as carefully pouring over the care and maintenance of my carpet. i feel like i'm switching one compulsion for another. instead of controlling my environment, i am controlling the life cycle of several species of succulent and cacti.

it's almost worse. with plants there is a unique standard of perfection for each species -- a standard which i must learn to achieve.

what makes sense to node will be noded. for my own reference, here is a list of plants about which i should node (including soil recommendations, water and light needs, propagation, etc):

more to come...
left work early and splurged on The American Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Gardening. then went to the hardware store for more clay pots. while i was in there i found this 4" round ductwork elbow thingie -- it's an adjustable corner piece for making odd angles, i grabbed it and a 5" round endcap. over with the pvc pipe i found leaf filters which fit inside. i twisted the elbow joint into a neat shape, put the pieces together and now have a funky planter. it is metal with a black base (the leaf filter acts as drainage holes) and it can be put in the endcap to catch water. it looks like this:
  |              |
  |            ,.+  -----+
  |        ,.~^   \      |
  |    ,.~^       *  ----+ twist here to adjust angle
  |,.~^        _,/ \
   \          /     \
    \      _,^       \
     \    /          |
      \_,^           |
      |              |
      |              |
      |              |
      +--------------+  --leaf filter drainage
it looks neat, it's twisty. about 10" tall. i planted a succulent in it which has low water requirements so water-tightness at the twisty-joints isn't a requirement (nor is the endcap drainage pan -- but it's a neat accessory).